Solution | Creating a caring society.


Creating a caring society

The general attitude IS THAT the homeless are lazy and that they don’t want to work. This is not true. No man or woman chooses to live on the streets. There are many societal factors that lead people away from life at home. Illnesses, unemployment, divorce just to name a few.

However, the banks are not interested in these reasons. We need a system where we don’t need the help of these institutions who don’t empathise with the problems one faces.

Our properties will not have mortgages or debt attached to them. Our rental property are at affordable rates and we use our vast knowledge and experience in the construction industry to build affordable homes. We will provide help to first time buyers and those in the capital. A rent to buy option will be available. Those who are on the brink of losing their homes due to non-payment of mortgages or rent will be aided through us settling any present debts whilst renegotiating affordable plans. We will cater plans so that the property can be bought back at its current price. The new plan will also ensure that you don’t fall back into the same cycle. The currently homeless will be provided accommodation with enough support to gradually bring them back to the normal life that they deserve. We will be in collaboration with reputable homeless charities to have greater assistance on the situation. We will also collaborate with local businesses to provide employment for these individuals thus ensuring a stable income.

We need your help. By purchasing ThaneCoin TPI’s, you will expedite the process. 10 or 20 no matter how many you buy, your contribution is valued. Always remember to buy coins as long as it’s financially viable for yourself. Satoshi Nakamoto never intended to make profit. Bitcoin was created as he saw a need for a different system. The decentralisation system. So let us fix the property market from this unfair system that is currently in place.