ThaneCoin TPI | What is ThaneCoin TPI?

Purpose of the Project

What is ThaneCoin TPI

For the purpose of this project ThaneCoin TPI Tokens were created on the Stellar Platform. Stellar Platform was chosen for 3 reasons.The speed of transaction: a few seconds to send or receive; lower gas: only 0.00001xlm per transaction as well as the support from the Stellar Development Foundation.ThaneCoin TPI’s can be traded on the Stellar Wallets instantly. The Total supply of Tokens are 91,000,000.

Only 18,000,000 TPI Tokens will be available to buy in 2021. Then every year we will release 18,250,000 per year for the next four years. The coins will be released on a monthly basis. Only 1,500,000 coins will be released each month.

The Aim of this project is to create a property market outside of the current Boom & Bust system. Residential & Commercial properties will be bought with the coin sale funds for the rental market. Affordable homes will be built for those who are in certain professions like teaching and nursing to help them get in the property ladder. First time buyers will be given help to buy their first property through us. Those who are on the brink of losing their own homes due to non-payment of mortgages, through illness or loss of employment will be helped to save their properties. Homeless people who have been forced to live in the streets will be helped.