The internet is changing. We are in the middle of a new revolution.  The age old trusted institutions are being replaced by the blockchain which gives everyone a chance to check the authenticity of a transaction. The new system is fool proof. It is an open system. It is a peer to peer system with no middle man. The system has been proven ever since Satoshi Nakamoto created BitCoin and the first transaction was confirmed in January 2009. According to CoinMarketCapital the market capital of cryptocurrency is over 200 Trillion Dollars. The daily volume is almost 10 Trillion Dollars.

Our Aim is to DeCentralise the property market. Through the sale of ThaneCoin TPI’s we will be investing our funds in properties in the UK. We registered Thane Property Investments Ltd in the UK in March 2018. Through this company we will be buying properties in the UK. Our properties will never have any mortgage or loans attached to it. This would give us a free hand on how we rent our properties.

We have started to create our own cryptocurrency exchange/EBank platform. Through this platform we want to give everyone from anywhere in the world to create their own current bank account and trade cryptocurrency. The Cryptocurrency Exchange will be ready for trading by the end of November 2018, followed by the EBank in December 2018. These two platforms will merge to become one state of the art platform like no other platforms in 2019. A mobile App for money transfer will also be ready to use in 2019. Both IOS & Android Apps will be made available for download in 2019.

We strongly believe that without the creation of the cryptocurrencies the development of the Blockchain will not progress. To help new coins to succeed there will be a page for them to list their coins in our Exchange platform. The ultimate goal of ThaneCoin TPI is to create a system where not only it will be available to purchase properties it can be used for everyday purchases small and large. It will be a cheap people’s coin starting from January 2019.

We are currently listed on the following Exchanges


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TPI Man.

He wants to eliminate Homelessness.

Support him by buying ThaneCoin TPI’s.

Token Sale

Token Sale based on ERC20 with smart contract



CryptoCurrency Exchange

Our own Crypto Exchange will be released in November 2018.

FIAT Bank + Crypto Exchange

Our own FIAT Bank with our Crypto Exchange incorporated. Released before the 31st December 2018.

Our Core

What is TPI Token?

TPI Tokens are an ERC 20 Token based on the Ethereum Smart contract. The Total supply of Tokens are 91,000,000.

The Aim of this project is to create a property market outside of the current Boom & Bust system. We will start to purchase residential & commercial properties with the coin sale funds for the rental market. Also affordable homes will be built for those who are in certain professions like teaching and nursing to help them get in the property ladder. First time buyers will be given help to buy their first property through us. Those who are in the brink of losing their own homes due to non-payment of mortgages through illness or loss of employment will be helped to save their properties. Homeless people who have been forced to live in the streets will be helped.

We have allocated 93% of the funds for investments. This would create a very large portfolio of properties. With this large portfolio we can easily achieve what we set out to accomplish in the beginning of the project. The rest of the funds are divided between 5% for management, 1% for marketing and 1% for homeless charities. This 7% can be easily recovered in one year through the rental income from our properties.

We also plan to bring our own cryptocurrency exchange to the market with zero transaction fees for trading in it. A banking platform for Online Banking will join the Crypto exchange and eventually merge and become a powerful platform with state of the art facilities. We have enlisted a software company who have worked with some of the major banks in the world to create and host our platform. They have their software in operation in 40 countries and they will host our platform as they have the no how and also the fact that they already host 80% of their customer’s platform.

The Problem

The problem is simple we don’t build enough affordable houses in the UK. This year alone we need an extra 150,000 homes to be built. Even though public land is given to developers to build homes they only allocate a small percentage for affordable homes. We simply need more affordable homes.

We are in a situation where families are sleeping with family & relatives, families are separated where the father lives with his parents and the mother and children living with the mother’s family. Homeless people living in the streets and stations have become a common site. People living in their cars and vans have increased. Homeless charities are overwhelmed by the sheer number of homelessness they are asking the general public to help by asking them to provide a bed.

Currently the government is spending around 3.0% of GDP on Housing and 2.4% on Defence. Even though we haven’t had a major war since 1945 the government thinks there is a need to spend around 45 Billion on Defence in 2018 and only slightly more on Housing.

We simply need to build more affordable homes.


Creating a caring society

The general attitude that the homeless are lazy and they don’t want to work is not true. No man or woman in their right mind would want to give up living in a home and go out and live in the streets. They are forced to live in the street. There are so many factors that can push a man or woman away from the comfort of their home. Long illness, loss of job, divorce is a few reasons why they are forced to live in the streets.

The banks are not interested in helping even though they ask you to speak to them if you ever default with the payments. They don’t provide any real help. We need a system where we don’t need help from the main stream institutions.

Our properties will never have any mortgage or debt attached to it. This would free us from providing any help we think necessary to help someone from losing their home and ending up in the street. Our rentals would be reasonable and affordable to our tenants.  Through our vast knowledge in construction we will purchase land and build affordable homes. Help will be given to first time buyers and for certain professions to buy their homes and stay in the capital. A rent to buy option will be introduced where one can rent a property and eventually end up owning it. Those who are in the brink of loosing their homes through non-payment of mortgage or rent will be helped before they lose their homes. WE will pay their debts to the bank or Mortgage Company and work out an affordable plan and let them carry on living in their own property. Once their situation gets better they can buy back the property at the current market price. Again we will help them by providing schemes to not fall again in the same situation. The currently homeless will be provided a safe and warm place to live and with the community support help them to slowly get back to the normal life. We will work with known homeless charities to help us provide them the necessary help they need. We will also ask help from the local businesses to help them by providing them employment.

We have so much to do and with winter fast approaching we need help fast. We need you to help us to help those who need help. So please buy ThaneCoin TPI’s. Without your help we can’t help them. Buy 10 or 20. It doesn’t matter how much you buy but please Only buy what you can afford. Satoshi Nakamoto never intended it to make profit for anyone. He created Bitcoin because he saw a need for a different system. The Decentralised system. Let us at least take the property market away from this unfair system we currently have.

We are currently trading on  it is free to join. Once you have joined transfer your BTC or ETH to livecoin and buy ThaneCoin. It is that simple. You can buy any amount. Join us in our Telegram Channel and ask us any question. We also have a UK Bank account with Barclays where you can send your money to buy ThaneCoin.

Our Chosen charities are

We are here on earth to help others; What on earth others are here for I don’t know
W.H. Auden

We have allocated 1% of the funds for our chosen charities.

They have been helping the homeless in the UK year after year. As a property company in the UK it is only fair that we help them how we can. You can help too. Just click the link and it would take you to their donate page.

They have been providing accommodation and food for the homeless young people year after year. You can help too. Just click the link and get involved.

They work hard to create brighter futures for young people aged 11 to 30, empowering them to get into jobs, education and training. Again you can help too by clicking the link.


How it all Started

The idea for the Project. The idea to fund the Property Investment through an ICO was born
August 2017
Project feasibility was done. The Project feasibility studies carried out.
December 2017
ERC 20 on Ethereum Protocol ERC 20 on the Ethereum protocol was chosen to create the Tokens.
January 2018
The Tokens were tested for The Bonus provisions. The Tokens were Tested and submitted to Github and Etherscan.
February 2018
The Company was incorporated. Thane Property Investments Ltd. Registered in England, United Kingdom
March 2018
The Pre ICO Sale started. 1 ETH = 2000 TPI's
April 2018
Can Blockchain Solve Homelessness in the UK? By The Coinage Times. ThaneCoin (TPI) Introduces a decentralized property market Outside the boom and bust system currently in place in the U.K.
The Main ICO will be Launched The main ICO will have 5 different price bonus. 45%, 40%, 35%, 30% & Zero
May 2018
Exchange Listings started. accepted us to trade.
June 2018
Homelessness and Addiction: Getting Clean & Off the Streets. By Oliver Clark for Rehab Recovery. Homelessness and Addiction: Getting Clean & Off the Streets
July 2018
The Crypto Exchange Released Our Crypto Exchange will be available for trading on the 23rd November, 2018.
November 2018
Our Bank will start to appear Our FIAT/CRYPTO Bank will start to evolve.
December 2018
The Program for 2019. The program for the year 2019 will be published on the 15th Jan 2019.
January 2019
Token Structure

Distribution of Our Tokens

We have distributed our Token Sale to allow maximum Tokens were allocated for Investments. Without the Investments in Properties nothing else would be possible. 

  • 93% Investments
  • 0% Team Pool
  • 5% Management
  • 1% Charity
  • 1% Marketing
In the News

Media about us

  • 07/08/2017   The idea to create a Decentralised Property Market was born.
  • 14/01/2018   The ERC 20 Token creation was started.
  • 23/02/2018   The Tokens were listed on the website for testing.
  • 22/03/2018   Mr Keith Lesser will act as our Accountant. Mr Lesser will also be in our advisory panel.
  • 27/03/2018   Foxico has given us a rating of  5/10 for our ICO. We have started to improve on the score. Once all comments rectified will apply for a re evaluation.
  • 16/04/2018   Our Pre Sale started today with a massive 50% Bonus.
  • 23/04/2018   Maskal Boipai will join our Advisory team to help us with the ICO.
  • 27/04/2018   CryptoClarified reaches out to ThaneCoin, expressing interest in the project and covering the ThaneCoin ICO. We are humbled to add such a big company behind our project.
  • 18/05/2018   ThaneCoin was listed on LiveCoin.
  • 21/05/2018   Applications to list on other Exchanges sent out.
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