We are working on taking TPI to the Moon.

Bear with us while we work on a new strategy.

TPI will be going to the moon soon.


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It will be a Cheap People's Coin

Fast Transction upto 5000 transactions/second, Low Gas Fee less than US$0.01, able to Facilitate Cross-Currency Transactions

Token Distribution of our project.

We have distributed our Token Sale to allow maximum Tokens were allocated for investments. without the investments in Properties nothing else would be possible.

93% for Investments

0% for Team Pool

5% for Management 0xD8DaE22D35846CFee7d306EB1387249b7A114DF7

1% for Charity 0x6F52e71E595A75fCa561CA9f9715bA2982f9FB69

1% for Marketing 0xD3F22CbdF16ef28f08C45a5ce0D44A5529b7c4cA


DeCentralising the Property Market with ThaneCoin

The internet is changing. We are in the middle of a new revolution. The age old trusted institutions are being replaced by the blockchain which gives everyone a chance to check the authenticity of a transaction. The new system is fool proof. It is an open system. It is a peer to peer system with no middle man. The system has been proven ever since Satoshi Nakamoto created BitCoin and the first transaction was confirmed in January 2009. According to CoinMarketCapital the market capital of cryptocurrency is over 200 Trillion Dollars. The daily volume is almost 10 Trillion Dollars.

Our Aim is to DeCentralise the property market. 93% of the funds from the sale of ThaneCoin TPI’s will be invested in properties in the UK. Our properties will never have any mortgage or loans attached to it. This would give us a free hand on how we rent our properties.

We strongly believe that without the creation of the cryptocurrencies the development of the Blockchain will not progress. The ultimate goal of ThaneCoin TPI is to create a system where not only it will be available to purchase properties it can be used for everyday purchases small and large.

Purpose of the Project

What is ThaneCoin TPI

For the purpose of this project ThaneCoin TPI Tokens were created on the Stellar Platform. Stellar Platform was chosen for 3 reasons.The speed of transaction: a few seconds to send or receive; lower gas: less than US$0.01 per transaction as well as the support from the Stellar Development Foundation.ThaneCoin TPI’s can be traded on the Stellar Wallets instantly. The Total supply of Tokens are 21,000,000.

The Aim of this project is to create a property market outside of the current Boom & Bust system. Residential & Commercial properties will be bought with the coin sale funds for the rental market. Affordable homes will be built for those who are in certain professions like teaching and nursing to help them get in the property ladder. First time buyers will be given help to buy their first property through us. Those who are on the brink of losing their own homes due to non-payment of mortgages, through illness or loss of employment will be helped to save their properties. Homeless people who have been forced to live in the streets will be helped.


Creating a caring society

The general attitude IS THAT the homeless are lazy and that they don’t want to work. This is not true. No man or woman chooses to live on the streets. There are many societal factors that lead people away from life at home. Illnesses, unemployment, divorce just to name a few.

However, the banks are not interested in these reasons. We need a system where we don’t need the help of these institutions who don’t empathise with the problems one faces.

Our properties will not have mortgages or debt attached to them. Our rental property are at affordable rates and we use our vast knowledge and experience in the construction industry to build affordable homes. We will provide help to first time buyers and those in the capital. A rent to buy option will be available. Those who are on the brink of losing their homes due to non-payment of mortgages or rent will be aided through us settling any present debts whilst renegotiating affordable plans. We will cater plans so that the property can be bought back at its current price. The new plan will also ensure that you don’t fall back into the same cycle. The currently homeless will be provided accommodation with enough support to gradually bring them back to the normal life that they deserve. We will be in collaboration with reputable homeless charities to have greater assistance on the situation. We will also collaborate with local businesses to provide employment for these individuals thus ensuring a stable income.

We need your help. By purchasing ThaneCoin TPI’s, you will expedite the process. 10 or 20 no matter how many you buy, your contribution is valued. Always remember to buy coins as long as it’s financially viable for yourself. Satoshi Nakamoto never intended to make profit. Bitcoin was created as he saw a need for a different system. The decentralisation system. So let us fix the property market from this unfair system that is currently in place.

Our Chosen charities are

"We are here on earth to help others; What on earth others are here for I don’t know."
W.H. Auden

We have allocated 1% of the funds for our chosen charities.


They have been helping the homeless in the UK year after year. As a property company in the UK it is only fair that we help them how we can. You can help too.
Just click below on Donate to get involved.

crisis uk


As the pandemic continues, more young people than ever are facing homelessness, many for the first time in their lives. At Centrepoint, we are experiencing a surge in calls from homeless young people who have lost their job and their homes, and are uncertain where to turn..
Just click below on Donate to get involved.

centerpoint uk

Prince's Trust

They work hard to create brighter futures for young people aged 11 to 30, empowering them to get into jobs, education and training. You can help too.
Just click below on Donate to get involved.

prince's trust uk

ThaneCoin TPI on Stellar Network & Binance Smart Chain.

Stellar TPI.

Stellar was chosen for the speed in transaction and the low cost of gas which is less than US$0.001/Transaction.

Stellar TPI


TPI was minted on BSC due to the volume of traders and again low gas/Transaction


Stellar TPI <--> BEP20 TPI

A swap between Stellar TPI & BEP20 TPI and vice versa is coming soon.

Swap TPI's

Stellar TPI is currently trading on the following Exchanges.




Coin Swap


You can also trade on any Stellar Wallet.

More Exchanges are coming soon.

BEP20 TPI currently trading on the following Exchanges.






Coin Swap




You can hold BSC TPI on Metamask or Trust Wallet..

More Exchanges are coming soon.

Road Map of our Project

2020Our Tokens were created on the Stellar Platform.
2021Our Tokens were made available to Hold, Send, Receive & Trade on the Lobstr non custodial wallet.
2021Our own Stellar Wallet creation started. ThaneX
2021Massive 1 million TPI give away to create 10,000 trustlines started. Watch our video on how to participate to get your free Coins.
2021You can now buy ThaneCoin TPI on Stellar Term, StellarX, Interstellar Exchange, Lobstr Wallet & Solar Wallet.

2021We started Trading on VinDax Exchange TPI/USDT.


2021We started Trading on BankCex Exchange TPI/USDT, TPI/BTC.


2022TPI was minted on the Binance Smart Chain.


2022TPI is Launching on DX Launchpad 22/02/2022.


2022TPI is available to trade on Pancakeswap, PooCoin App, Bogged & DexTools

Binance Smart Chain

Max supply of TPI's


100% of Liquidity is locked until 31-01-2024

Rewards in TPI's 1%, Liquidity 4%


ThaneCoin BEP20 contract address 

Binance Smart Chain









Are you a Business

You will soon be able to accept ThaneCoin TPI.

ThaneCoin TPI can be accepted anywhere in the world.

Email us to find out more Contact

Takes a few seconds to transfer and costs less Gas for transfer.
We don't charge any extra. The market decides the price of the coin.

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