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TPI Man.

He wants to eliminate Homelessness.

Support him by buying ThaneCoin TPI’s.

Token Sale

Token Sale based on ERC20 with smart contract


The listing on Exchanges. LiveCoin.

CryptoCurrency Exchange

Our own Crypto Exchange released on the 23rd July 2018.

FIAT Bank + Crypto Exchange

Our own FIAT Bank with our Crypto Exchange incorporated. Released before the 31st December 2018.

Our Core

What is TPI Token?

TPI Tokens are an ERC 20 Token based on the Ethereum Smart contract. The Total supply of Tokens are 91,000,000.

The Aim of this project is to create a property market outside the current boom & bust system. Through this ICO we will purchase residential & commercial properties for the rental market. We will also build affordable homes for those who don’t have enough money for the deposit to purchase on the open market. Through a rent to buy scheme we will allow them to rent the properties and eventually end up buying the property. Repossessions will be stopped and those properties will be bought and the owners allowed to stay in their own homes. An affordable rent will be agreed with them.

 We have allocated 1% of the ICO to help homeless charities. We will independently provide homes for anyone who lives in the streets. They will be provided counselling. We will work with private companies to help them find work and on to a normal life. 

ThaneCoin will be made into a payment system through our exchange platform it can be converted to FIAT and used for your day to day payments. The Crypto to FIAT will be only through ThaneCoin. A mobile App based on the Exchange will be made available. The Ultimate goal of the coin will be to pay for the purchase and rental for the property. Our aim is to create a cashless society and with your help we want to achieve it. The beta versions of the Exchange and the mobile Apps will be available for testing on or before the 23rd July.

The Problem

In UK there are not enough properties built every year to sustain the demand. Currently we need an extra 150,000 homes to be built every year. Because of this children are forced to live with their parents after starting work. The rental market has boomed but the rentals have gone up and not affordable for those who are starting up in their life.

Currently the government is spending around 3.0% of GDP on Housing and 2.4% on Defense. Even though we haven’t had a major war since 1945 the government thinks there is a need to spend around 45 Billion on Defense in 2018 and only slightly more on Housing.

Homelessness has increased. People young and old are sleeping rough. People are forced to live in their cars & caravans. Homeless are considered lazy by many. Yet it could happen to anyone of us. Anyone could loose their job or fall ill and end up not being able to pay their rent or mortgages. If family or friends are not their to help they can easily end up homeless.


Creating a caring society

With our vast experience in construction  we want to buy land and construct affordable housing in the UK. A rent to buy scheme will be introduced where those who don’t have enough money for deposits can buy our new built properties. Rental would be calculated at a percentage of the base rate. Which would be substantially lower than the market rental price. Once they are ready to purchase the property the amount of rent paid will be used as their deposit and sold to them.  Since our properties won’t have any debt attached to it we can charge reasonable rents. Preference would be given to certain job categories like Nursing, Teaching etc.

Residential properties that are being repossessed will be bought from the owners before repossession and an affordable rent negotiated with the owners and they will be allowed to stay in their own properties. They will be given a buy back choice so they can buy back their property when their situation gets better at the current market value.

Our Goal

The Future of property buying

Our goal is to create a system where ownership of properties will become risk proof. A decentralised property market which is outside the boom and bust system we currently have.

We have started trading in LiveCoin. Livecoin is a cryptocurrency trading platform that lets you trade bitcoins, altcoins, and fiat currencies. The exchange was launched in 2013 by a company named Delta E-Commerce Ltd. The company is based in London, UK, but the servers are located in Metairie, Louisiana.


We are planing to bring the payment app beta version for testing along with our own exchange platform to trade cryptocurrency on the 23rd July 2018. You will start to see the beta version of both these apps very soon on our website. The Exchange will cater for 6 major Cryptos including ThaneCoin and 5 FIAT to start. Conversion to FIAT will only be possible through ThaneCoin TPI’s. There will be no commission to buy ThaneCoin TPI’s. For other Buy/Sell the commission will be 1 TPI. Deposit/Withdrawal will be free from the exchange as well.

Our bank will be a free online bank where anyone anywhere in the world can open a current and Savings Account in their chosen currency plus one additional currency. The banking software is produced by a major banking software company who has created software for more than 300 banks and host more than 80% in their server. Their software is in operation in 40 countries currently.

Our aim is to make TPI a part of property purchasing. We will be ready with the payment platform as soon as the testing has been completed. Our initial plan was to have the platform ready for trials in December. But now we are ready to showcase our product on the 23rd July 2018. The Bank will be in operation by the 31st December 2018. In 2019 anyone who holds ThaneCoin can convert them to FIAT and make payments for their purchases through their prepaid debit card.

Our Chosen charities are

We are here on earth to help others; What on earth others are here for I don’t know
W.H. Auden

We have allocated 1% of the ICO for our chosen charities.

They have been helping the homeless in the UK year after year. As a property company in the UK it is only fair that we help them how we can. You can help too. Just click the link and it would take you to their donate page.

They have been providing accommodation and food for the homeless young people year after year. You can help too. Just click the link and get involved.

They work hard to create brighter futures for young people aged 11 to 30, empowering them to get into jobs, education and training. Again you can help too by clicking the link.


How it all Started

The idea for the Project. The idea to fund the Property Sale through an ICO was born
August 2017
Project feasibility was done. The Project feasibility studies carried out.
December 2017
ERC 20 on Ethereum Protocol ERC 20 on the Ethereum protocol was chosen to create the Tokens.
January 2018
The Tokens were tested for The Bonus provisions. The Tokens were Tested and submitted to Github and Etherscan.
February 2018
The Company was incorporated. The Company Thane Property Investments Ltd was Incorporated in England.
March 2018
The Pre ICO Sale started.
April 2018
The Main ICO will be Launched The main ICO will have 5 different price bonus. 45%, 40%, 35%, 30% & Zero
May 2018
The Crypto Exchange Released Our Crypto Exchange will be available for trading on the 23rd July 2018.
July 2018
Our Bank will start to appear Our FIAT/CRYPTO Bank will start to evolve.
August 2018
Our Crypto/FIAT Bank. Our Crypto/FIAT Bank will be operational from the 31st December 2018. Pre Paid card Payments available from January 2019.
December 2018
The Program for 2019. The program for the year 2019 will be published on the 15th Jan 2019.
January 2019
Meet Our Brilliant Minds

Our Motivated Team

Foundation of Our Success

Our Advisory Board

Token Structure

Distribution of Our Tokens

We have distributed our Token Sale to allow maximum Tokens were allocated for Investments. Without the Investments in Properties nothing else would be possible. 

  • 88% Investments
  • 5% Team Pool
  • 5% Management
  • 1% Charity
  • 1% Marketing
In the News

Media about us

  • 07/08/2017   The idea to create a Decentralised Property Market was born.
  • 14/01/2018   The ERC 20 Token creation was started.
  • 23/02/2018   The Tokens were listed on the website for testing.
  • 22/03/2018   Mr Keith Lesser will act as our Accountant. Mr Lesser will also be in our advisory panel.
  • 27/03/2018   Foxico has given us a rating of  5/10 for our ICO. We have started to improve on the score. Once all comments rectified will apply for a re evaluation.
  • 16/04/2018   Our Pre Sale started today with a massive 50% Bonus.
  • 23/04/2018   Maskal Boipai will join our Advisory team to help us with the ICO.
  • 27/04/2018   CryptoClarified reaches out to ThaneCoin, expressing interest in the project and covering the ThaneCoin ICO. We are humbled to add such a big company behind our project.
  • 18/05/2018   ThaneCoin was listed on LiveCoin.
  • 22/07/2018   ICO Ended.

We are listed at the following Exchanges





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