Solving Homelessness with Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency and homelessness are generally not thought of together.  But there is a new company that is combining the two in an effort to alleviate the homelessness problem.

ThaneCoin (TPI)

ThaneCoin has put together a company, Thane Property Investments, Ltd., to help solve the homeless problem.  Their idea incorporates using the profits from the sale of tokens to purchase real estate outright, free from mortgages and liens, in an effort to rent to the needy and homeless.  These rentals will first be offered to those people with specific occupations like teachers and nurses, those who give aide to others.  And then to those who have recently lost their homes due to losing their jobs or to a major illness.

With this strategy giving their cryptocurrency a solid foundation with which to sustain itself, through the purchase of real estate, mortgage and lien free, they will be free to rent their properties as they see fit.  Then as rents are collected they will be free to purchase additional properties, from this building the foundation for a more stable company.

TPI Tokens are an ERC20 token which are based on the Ethereum Smart contract.  Using Blockchain technology, ThaineCoin will eventually create an EBanking  system which will allowusers to utilize their cryptocurrency on an everyday basis for everyday purchases.  Through the Blockchain technology Smart contracts,third parties which are generally a part of internet transactions,will be eliminated, ensuring that parties can deal directly with each other on a transparent basis at a low user fee.


As affordable housing in the UK becomes more limited, the problem of homelessness becomes worse.  And similarly, as the issues of losing your job or a major illness develop, and people are on the brink of losing their home to foreclosure for lack of payment, TPI would step in and purchase the home from the mortgage company.  At this point, they will continue to allow the family to live in the home, paying an affordable rental price. 

Every six months an appraisal will be done showing the fair market value for the home.  This is for two reasons, first it allows TPI to see where they sit financially as well as allowing the family living there to know the value of the home.  Once the family’s situation stabilizes and their finances are back to a more normal situation, they can then buy back their home at the fair market value.

Allocation of funds

The sale of the tokens mentioned above shall be allocated with the majority (93%) being used for investment into properties, both commercial and residential., 5% to be allocated to the management of the company and 1% each to charity and marketing. 

The Chosen Charities

The charities to be used are Crisis, Centre Point and The Prince’s Trust. 

Crisis offers support, advise and courses to assist those that are homeless or are at risk of becoming homeless. 

Centre Point offers practical and emotional support to the homeless youth to help them find a job and live independently. 

The Prince’s Trust works to create brighter futures for youth between 11-30, enabling them to get jobs, education and training.


It now becomes apparent how cryptocurrency can work to help solve the homelessness problem.  By working together with the above charities, and becoming a more compassionate populace, in time, we can begin to solve this problem.

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